November 12, 2023

What startups can you submit to Microns

Pre-revenue startups

We don't post pre-revenue startups, but we created PreRevMarket where you can submit projects without revenue.

Forbidden startups

No matter how attractive a business could be, we don't accept startups that are related to the following:

1. Adult entertainment;

2. Gambling;

3. Weapons;

4. Alcohol businesses;

5. Tobacco products;

6. Drug paraphernalia;

7. Pyramids or other illegal schemes.

We believe in a better world, so we should help people evolve, not degrade. That's why we don't allow doing business on our marketplace to the above industries.

Accepted startups

Your project must match our acceptance criteria and have an appropriate valuation to be published.

Currently, we accept only bootstrapped revenue-generating online businesses up to $500k.

Revenue: Having at least a few paying users or revenue from ads.

Audience: Including email list or customer database where the new owner can find real value.

Age: At least three months old.

Category: Matching one of the categories of startups we list.

Status: Fully working solution without significant errors.

Geography: We welcome startups all over the world except in countries that are under international sanctions.

Categories of startups

1. Micro-SaaS;

2. Web and mobile apps;

3. E-commerce;

4. Newsletters and content sites;

5. Extensions, add-ons and WordPress plugins;

6. Shopify apps;

7. Directories, databases and marketplaces;

8. Communities;

9. Agencies;

10. Info products.


To calculate the price of your project, buyers use multipliers.

Actual SaaS multipliers: 3x - 8x ARR.

Actual e-commerce and others multipliers: 1x - 4x Annual Revenue.

Multiplier depends on your startup revenue, profit, CAC, lifetime value, growth, burn rate, competitors, and market state.

For example, If you have a newsletter with $3,000 in annual revenue, we multiply annual revenue by 1-4x.

In your case, $3,000 * 2x = $6,000 on average.

If you have a SaaS project with $3,000 in ARR, we multiply ARR by 3-8x.

In your case, $3,000 * 5x = $15,000 on average.

The higher the growth, the better lifetime value / CAC — the higher the multiplier could be.


Buyers evaluate your startup based on performance: revenue and traffic.

Most buyers are interested in profitable projects needing tweaks and growth to get ROI.

They look at your metrics and customers. So, the more traction your startup has, the better for you.

Exit is one of the stages of the lifecycle of your startup, so take it responsibly and prepare for it.

Keep growing your project, prepare all assets for transfer, and create documentation and video tutorials of how your business works so the new owner can easily continue operating it.

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