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Thanks to @micronsio. SiteFast(@sitefast1) has been acquired! Mircons had great customer service. I was a bit worried about the transfer process, but it wasn’t a problem at all. #buildinpublic
Nuzair Nuwais
Sold my 'side' startup 👉 🥳

7-Week Timeline 📅
🔨Nov 24th - Built V1
📢Nov 26th - Posted on IH
🔨Dec 9th - Built V2 with AI Features
📌Dec 12th - Listed
💸Jan 10th  - Funds Transferred
🤝Jan 14th - Repo Transferred

Thuan Nguyen
Had a small "exit" with @micronsio. There were many more interested buyers than from another tiny marketplace. The concierge service is cool for small transactions. I'm glad they also use the Wise transfer service, so I got the funds within minutes with a great exchange rate.
just sold my first ever project. this feeling is addictive @micronsio
Pete Tran
just had my first exit from an AI SaaS at 18 🎉

shoutout to @kacperstaniul for reaching out and acquiring

big thanks to @ilyanovohatskyi and the @micronsio for facilitating the transaction 💰

🧵 about the journey soon



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Microns ensures secure startup asset exchanges with personalised human support

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