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Some of our Premium members

Jaisal Rathee is a serial founder with 6x successful exits. He runs a micro-startup portfolio, Startups.fyi newsletter and consulting service.

Colin Bartlett is a founder of StatusGator, a profitable micro-SaaS cloud monitoring tool. He buys projects to synergy with the main startup.

Bruce Mclachlan is a founder of Cloakist, a profitable branding micro-SaaS project. He acquire and grow micro-SaaS startups on a part-time basis.

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Success stories

Max Labadie is an SEO expert, blogging at webandseo.fr, acquired the Affiliate List, which became profitable in a few weeks.

Ivan Homola is a community lead at Lunadio. He acquired Podfan to help 1,000+ creators monetize their podcasts.

Martin Beber is a freelancer and graphic designer who acquired Usermoves project to start his entrepreneur journey in tech.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with Microns Premium membership?

FAQ β†’

Will I be notified before the charge?


The week before the charge, you'll get a notification about your upcoming subscription renewal with the possibility of canceling it. Besides that, you can manage your subscription under your profile.

Do you have a refund policy?


Unfortunately, we don't refund subscriptions, but you can cancel under your profile.

Can somebody from outside the US buy a US startup?


Yes, you can smoothly buy a US startup and continue operating it. We have buyers from Europe and Asia who purchased US startups.

Do you have a guide on how to buy a micro-startup?


Sure thing. We have a blog where we share valuable materials for our buyers. Here is a detailed blog post about buying your first micro-startup.

Do you know any good marketer to help me grow a recently bought project?


We know a few respectable marketers that would be happy to help you grow any startup we have on the platform. So contact us if you're interested.

Have more questions?


We’re happy to help. Send us an email with your questions to support@microns.io.

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