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AI Headshot Generator
Professional corporate headshots with AI
Web app
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Blog About Freelancing
A blog with premium domain name covering different topics for freelancers
Annual Revenue
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Smart Living Ideas Newsletter
A weekly digest of ideas and lessons from great minds on building a life and career you love
Annual Revenue
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Parenting Blog
Blog on parenting and baby products
Annual Revenue
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AI Story Generator
AI-powered storytelling platform for creating interactive & engaging narratives
Annual Revenue
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AI Girls Generator
SaaS tool to create AI influencers in seconds
Annual Revenue
Asking Price
Visual Website Builder
No-code AI website builder with pre-designed templates and custom domain linking
Annual Revenue
Asking Price
Taylor Swift Wordle Game
A browser game with 10,000 daily users and a python generator for sites like it
Web app
Annual Revenue
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Fraud Country Blocker App
Security app for Shopify merchants to block unwanted access
Shopify app
Annual Revenue
Asking Price
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Joshua Davis
Just acquired my first side project through @micronsio.
Thanks for the quick and easy process!
Joe Speiser
just sold a baby side project on @micronsio

pretty easy/frictionless. on to the next!
Sam Johnson
Just finished my second acquisition found on the great @micronsio!

Amazing service, and great people made the experience super smooth.

Now to grow this amazing no-code form solution
Jamie Perkins
Sold my micro-SaaS on Microns.
@ilyanovohatskyi was super responsive and helpful. Great service!
✅ Done Deal.
✅ Sold a project.
✅ Money's in the bank.
🟩 Will have more to report soon.

Buyer found project via Microns by @ilyanovohatskyi